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Avoid Riff! I had the worst buying experience in Poland this week at Riff in Warsaw. I went to the MegaStore to to get the advice of the "experts" there. I bought the setup they recommended but it doesn't work with my Mac. I made a few trips to the store to troubleshoot, but total waste of time - no internet, specialist not available, no recording software for testing, unable to connect my gear to their computer, etc. After 5 days of agony & non-working product I wanted to exchange for a product that works. Oops, I was clearly told by the very young manager that Riff has a strict "no returns" policy & that I should sell it on the internet if I'm not satisfied. They also added that it's too bad I didn't buy the gear online, since I would have had 10 days to return the product - ouch! I now assume Riff is an abbreviation for "Rip Off" :-x

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