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The feat of hair and other people is great love. They love their loved ones and love others. In order to love others Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, they can give up their love for their loved ones. They would rather be broken or heartbroken and not let othehuan earthquake has brought us too much sorrow, which often makes us full of tears, but also brings us too much touch, often causing us to teas makes us stronger and moved to make us morehquake has brought us too much touch, as many as the number of stars. What is most touching is the earth-shaking feats that the cadres and the masses in the disaster areas have faced in the face of life and death. At the moment of the earthquake Carton Of Cigarettes, Tan Qianqiu, Dean of Deyang Dongqi Middle School, opened four arms to protect four students. These four students survived, but Teacher Tan left his students forever. Wang Hongfa, director of the Beichuan County Civil Affairs Bureau, rescued ten people in the earthquake, but did not have time to save his only son and relatives. As a result, he lost 15 relatives such as son, second sister and nephew. The reporter asked him sad? He replied: "I want to be sad, can you give me time?" In this earthquake, there are many touching stories like Tan Qianqiu and Wang Hongfa Marlboro Cigarettes Price. Tan Qianqiu is a self-sacrificing person. Wang Hongfa is a family member who saves people. They are living. With regard to the choice of death, he will not hesitate to leave the life to others and leave the death to himself or his own relatives. These ordgreat disaster has great love, and the big love is the most selfless. The feats of Tan Qianqiu and Wang Hongfa are great love. They love their loved ones and love others. In order to love others, they can give up their love for their loved ones. They would rather break their own bodies or heartbreaks and not let others feel bad. This kind of great love is the most exciting chapter in the many movements of the earthquake. The most touching song is enough to purify our soul and purify hough we are not in the disaster area Marlboro Gold, we need to learn and "copy" this kind of love. We have not encountered the test of life and death. In daily work and life, we have various tests, such as public and private, righteousness and benefit. We also need this kind of big love to make the rightcadres at all levels should take the lead in "replicating" and carrying forward this spirit of selflessness. In the work, they should think more about the difficulties and hardships of the masses, and think less about their own seats, tickets, children, etc., and give more love to the masses. We will do a good job for the masses, send warmth, and make the relationship between the cadres and the masses more harmonious, so that our party will have more cohesiveness and combat effectiveness. Ordinary people should also "reproduce" and carry forward this selfless spirit of self-love, in the daily work and life, more love, less indifference; more losses, do not take advantage of the cost; more help for others, do not hurt others; self-confidence, how much selfishness. This makes people more harmonious and socially harmoniouser whether it is a cadre or a mass Cheap Cigarettes, "replicating" and carrying forward this selfless spirit of self-satisfaction, neither need to sacrifice their own lives, nor give their own loved ones, just to sacrifice a little personal interest, it should not be difficult to do. Everyone has done it, our society is better, and everyone is benefiting.

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