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Home is a familiar word. It is like a warm harbor, accepting my little some is a big family of three generations who are happy and haemember when I was in the fourth grade, I was sick and I was very ill. The high fever is 38 degrees two, and the outside is minus 20 degrees. Lying in bed with sweaters and quilts, I still feel cold. So, my mother plugged me in the electric box and licked the ginger soup Cheap Cigarettes. I haven't been given an injection for more than a year, and my medicine is rarely eaten. Because my mother said that it takes at least seven days to get an injection and take medicine Newport Cigarettes Price, and it hurts the liver and hurts the kidneys. So I was lying in bed and relied on drinking ginger soup to ease the condition. I didn't go to school on the first day, and when I got back in the afternoon, my mother was happy. My mother and I both fell asleep. I got up the next morning, I went to the morning exercise, went to school, and didn't use my fathy boat has been maintained in the harbor and is ready to sma often gives me a good meal. Her craftsmanship is great, twists How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, fried cakes, hazelnuts, bean rolls... she wised to do twists with my grandmother. We have smashed twenty-two and I have sour my arms. It��s a grandmother, I soon found out my thoughts and let me go to watch TV. After a while, two twists came up. As I muttered to my mouth, I said vaguely: "Thank you Grandma!" The minutes and seconds around Grandma are happyer resting in this harbor, I have to go forw very busy, but sometimes he takes time to play chess with me. Every time I fight from confidence, I am dejected after the defeat. Sometimes I will be lucky to win, that is, the car will be immediately in the moment of his negligence. Sometimes, after failure, Dad will say: "Failure is the mother of success. If you fail on the master chess, then you really havehis warm harbor, I am full of energy, I have to take the long wind, break the waves, and sail to the other side of success!This summer, I went to the seaside of Xingcheng, but what made me feel the deepest was not the charming scenery, but the marine garbage that I t, I just appreciated and enjoyed the beauty of the sea, and did not expect to protect the environment. But when I saw the empty bottle discarded on the beach, I suddenly woke up, as if I just woke up from my dream, I thought of marine garbage. People have a good environment Cigarette Online, but they don��t cherish it, littering the garbage, and making the ocean a Garbage dumps with unlimited garbage, how many marine creatures die because of the pollution of the ocean! How many rare animals are extinct! Especially white pollution, garbage bags that provide convenience to humans and kill animal not only the ocean, but more land. I don't know if you still remember, at the Children's Day on this year, at Nanshan Park, the mountains are all rubbish! Cans Carton Of Newports, beverage bottles, plastic bags that are discarded by people... It��s unbelievable at a glance. How did the desert come about? It��s not that people��s deforestation. There is almost a desert in every country, but it��s not stopped. How terrible it is! There is a mistake but it is not corrected. Oh, itet the world's people protect the environment and stop destroying the environment. From now on, to protect the environment, everyone is responsible!

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