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One morning, Xiao Gang first entered the classroom, and he found a nail in his seat. So he changed the seat to the squadron leader Wang Xinmei Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Time passed by, and Xiaogang looked at Wang Xinmei's position with a restless mood. There was always a voice wrapped around his ear. "Let's go, change the chair back." Xiaogang looked at the students who were already reading, and stood up slowly and slowly, but his foot had not taken the first step. Wang Xinmei had already walked to the door of the classroom Carton Of Newports. "Good morning, Xiaogang." Wang Xinmei said with a smile to Xiaogang. Xiaogang pinched his hand with cold sweat and said to Wang Xinmei: "Good morning." Xiao just finished, Wang Xinmei sat down on her chair, "Be careful." "Ah, it hurts." Xiaogang and Wang Xinmei also made a sound Wholesale Cigarettes. . Everyone looked down at the sound, only to see Wang Xinmei pale, the chair was covered with blood. The squad leader Marlboro Red, Liu Hai, came over and asked with concern: "Wang Xinmei, what are you like? Can you stand up?" Wang Xinmei endured the pain and said, "No, I was nailed and I couldn��t stand up." After listening to Liu Hai, Bring Wang Xinmei together with the chair and ran to the school clinic. Xiao Gang and some classmates are also nervous behind them. Under the doctor's efforts, Nail was finally taken out from Wang Xinmei. The classmates standing at the door listened to the painful cry of Wang Xinmei, who finally disappeared into the ear, and all of them breathed a sigh of relief. Especially Xiaogang, tears and sweat have flowed down Marlboro Cigarettes, making it impossible to tell which drops are tears, which drops are sweat. Under the doctor's call, they went into the ward. At this time, Wang Xinmei was sweating in bed and her face was pale. In the greetings of the students, Wang Xinmei showed her usual smile. Xiaogang saw Wang Xinmei's smile, and he couldn't help but be more embarrassed about Wang Xinmei. In the end, he stood up and said to Wang Xinmei: "Xinmei, yes, sorry, I changed your chair. If it weren't for me, you wouldn't lie here. Sorry, you beat me, oh I am fine, as long as you can get rid of the gas." Said, tears flowed down. When Wang Xinmei heard Xiaogang��s words, her face began to show an incomprehensible expression, and then she smiled. ��It��s okay, you can admit your mistakes. We will be good friends in the future.�� Xiaogang��s face was also revealed when he heard Wang Xinmei��s words. A smile. In the days when Wang Xinmei was injured, Xiaogang took care of Wang Xinmei. Whether it was going to school or school, Xiaogang would support Wang Xinmei, and Wang Xinmei��s injury would be better every day. After this incident, the friendship between them became more solid, just like the nail nailed to Wang Xinmei, making it difficult for them to separate.

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