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I don't know when to start, the words "life" and "reading" are closely attracted together, and I am familiar with this topic. But some people will ask what is the relationship between reading and the equation. One is that the language is mathematics, and the world is different, but in my reading experience they are closely connected.nown: I have a comic book in my left hand and a history book in my right hand. The content of the comic book is very exciting. The cover is very bright and beautiful. The content of the history book is very dull and boring. It looks like a moldy oak.ng: Is it the former or the latter?ution: The former is good-looking, but there is no nutrition. Although the latter is boring, it is very knowledgeable. The former decomposes it, and it has colorful colors + rough lines; the latter decomposes it, and it has rich knowledge + real history. I firmly make a choice, I choose the latter.iew: If you look at history books more, you can grow your own knowledge and read more comics. It will only become a "primitive person" who uses pictures to express language Cigarettes For Sale. Known: Today's weather is very good, cloudless, sunny, all the homework is done by me. I have a brand new football and a bunch of encyclopedias with Phnom Penh Marlboro Cigarettes Online.eking: Is it to play football with your friends, or to watch an encyclopedia at home?lution: The number of knowledge that can be obtained by looking at the encyclopedia is x. The number of X-encyclopedias is equal to the amount of knowledge gained, and the amount of knowledge is infinite Marlboro Red 100S. Let's get what you can get from playing football. The time of y multiplication is equal to what you get, and you get very little Newport Cigarettes.lusion: The knowledge gained from the encyclopedia is a hundred thousand times worse than what I got from playing football Cigarettes Online. So I chose the former.ew: More exercise is good, but you can't get material and spiritual things. Look at the encyclopedia and grow spiritual knowledge to slowly transform it into material use.ant to say:ading is bitter, but as long as we go to experience, we can taste it.

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